Ghouls & Ghosts Celebrate On Newport Coast

When it comes to Halloween, if it’s one thing you can count on from the Newport Coast crowd it’s an abundance of five-figure festivities. When the sun sets on the trick-or-treating antics up and down private roads, and hot mommies on the hill instruct nannies to put the kids to bed, it’s time for the adult celebrations to begin. And once again, the best events take place at the homes of the Ladies of OCCH in tony Emerald Heights!

Farah (4th Wife) Flagg, in her bid to get on the OC Children’s Hospital’s charitable board, put her trustafarian husband’s dollars to work and converted their impressive estate into a Tricks Get The Treats themed affair. Wives crossed the spooky threshold dressed as the requisite sexy cop, sexy nurse, sexy pirate, sexy princess, and so on. And the older the wife or the closer her marriage was to the seven-year, community property itch, the skimpier the costume. It was quite the spectacle and one guest was overheard accusing Farah, “The biggest trick of them all,” of using the party to rub everyone’s nose in it after getting Newport’s wealthiest and most eligible bachelor down the aisle. Rumor has it the hater was none other than Bryce Flagg’s former fiancée, but you didn’t hear that from me.

By all accounts, Farah’s entree onto the social scene was a smashing pumpkin of a success and a welcome departure from the type of debaucherous affair that sent her husband’s previous wives running to their divorce lawyers. The new Mrs. Flagg also scored a major coup when none other than the Queen Bee herself, Clarice Fernandez, dropped in for a taste of her champagne brew. Dressed as Dynasty’s Dominique Deveraux (which is pretty much her Thursday look), Mrs. Fernandez sent the town’s tongues wagging by choosing to attend Farah’s party instead of the annual event put on by her Orange County Children’s Hospital co-chair, Kat Craig. Many believe Kat must be falling out of favor with the woman who pretty much runs Newport society. So of course, yours truly had to get a comment.

“Darling,” Clarice replied in that oh so familiar, dismissive tone, “why wouldn’t I choose her over the Craig’s? The Flagg home looks like a haunted mansion everyday of the year so between the two, it was bound to be the best venue for a Halloween party.” Leave it to Clarice to gift us with some early Thanksgiving shade for which we can all be thankful!


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