Let The Holiday Wars Begin

Every year, families across the country gather to celebrate all for which they are “thankful.” And every year, by the end of the Holiday Season’s official kickoff, family members and friends nurse wounds from battles instigated by too much wine and close proximity to relatives they don’t fuck with the other 364 days of the year. That Thanksgiving has its roots in the oppression and slaughtering of natives who welcomed “immigrant” guests to a feast, seems to reveal a curse that in all years to follow, those celebrating inevitably end up fighting with one another. While the upper-crust of Newport Coast believe themselves to be above those unfortunate enough to live outside their status defining gates, they’re usually the first to debase themselves and engage in petty squabbles.

Peggy and Gregory Clark’s annual turkey dinner, featuring the highly styled, highly monied and highly leveraged who’s who of the town, is no different. “Thanksgiving with Pegs & Gregs,” the Newport equivalent of being invited to the Met Gala, certainly didn’t prevent guests from acting a fool in the spacious confines of Emerald Heights’s most elegant home. To no one’s surprise, stepdaughter Kat was drunk on arrival and proceeded to criticize everything from Peggy’s outfit, home decor as well as the meal. But when the gin-soaked woman turned on her own husband, that’s when the real show started.

But Kat Craig wasn’t the only one to get loud and disrespectful. Her combativeness seemed contagious as various wars and confrontations popped up around the Saint-Louis embellished table. When the young trophy-wife of a recent OC transplant complained about the limited vegan options along with the cruelty associated with the killing of God’s creatures for unnecessary consumption, Ariela Fernandez rolled her eyes and announced, “You don’t seem too concerned about the sacrifice made in order for you to arrive carrying the latest Birkin.” And that, ladies & gentleman, concluded Thanksgiving in Newport Coast. I’m already looking forward to New Year’s Eve!


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