Celebrating LGBT Youth With One Of OC’s Youngest Socialites

Though our Ladies of OCCH are seldom seen slumming in the coastal neighborhoods to the south, yours truly isn’t above leaving my Newport Coast bubble for a good old-fashioned, Gay Pride Event. Especially when it’s put on by my favorite Out n’ About sOCialite, Daniele Fernandez!

Dani, his über-fabulous mother, Clarice, and the rest of the Fernandez clan, may reside in Laguna Beach, but let’s be clear, they can probably afford to buy up half of Newport Coast. Rumor has it, they’ve outbid catty Kat Craig for the most prized, beachfront, double lot behind the gates of The Crest at Emerald Hill. But seeing as how they’ve just broken ground, we’ll have to settle for parties at the Fernandez’s waterfront, Laguna Beach abode for now. And what better reason for an evening soirée than to celebrate the recent wave of LGBT-elected officials across the country.

Now, seeing as how the curtain of Orange County is still in full effect and many of my neighbors are probably in need of smelling salts after reading the above statement, let it be known that On The Coast magazine does not endorse any political party or its candidates. However, one thing we do co-sign on is the representation of diversity in all aspects of society. We applaud Dani for partnering with the Laguna LGBT Organization to celebrate these historic victories with a fundraiser to support college scholarships for LGBT youth.

It looks like the youngest of the three Fernandez children is happily taking on the philanthropic reigns of his mother. As well as following in her footsteps by utilizing charitable events to debut the latest looks from Chanel’s runways. Hey, Dani, let us know when you’re ready to auction off those alligator boots!